LR Marine has over 40 years of experience in developing and selling pre-insulated pipe systems. Our company’s pipes are used globally, represented by distributors in over 30 countries. Since 2012, LR Marine has exclusively handled the sales of LOGSTOR Marine systems worldwide, participating in international exhibitions.

LR Marine provides comprehensive services, including project planning, engineering, installation, and training. Since 2015, we have held manufacturing rights for pre-insulated marine piping systems and own manufacturing facilities in China. Our headquarters is in Denmark, and we operate various facilities worldwide.

Cryogenic Pre-insulated Pipe System

The following pdf introduces LR Marine’s Cryogenic Pre-insulated Pipe System (PPS) for LNG transport in marine applications. The PPS system is designed as a bonded system, ensuring a strong connection between the media pipe, insulation, and outer casing. It can operate in temperatures from -200°C to +120°C. The system’s mechanical properties are superior to conventional systems, leading to longer life expectancy.

The PPS system features carrier pipes, foamed PUR insulation with environmentally friendly properties, and an extruded black HDPE casing. The casing is resistant to UV degradation and extreme conditions, suitable for extended periods. LR Marine uses electro fusion welded casing joints, ensuring watertight and gastight connections. The system is supported externally using strong HDPE casing and offers a range of support options.

Overall, LR Marine specializes in providing advanced pre-insulated pipe solutions for marine and offshore industries, with a focus on durability, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

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