LNG Bunker Pipe for Gas Fuelled Vessels

LR Marine LNG Bunker solution

LNG bunker pipe normally runs from
1) the vessel’s bunkering station or manifold location to the LNG storage tank(s);
2) Gas piping from LNG Cold Box to the Engines
3) Vent pipes
In lieu og vacuum insulated pipe system, LR marine has developed an alternative insulation system which offers several benefits compared to Vacuum Insulated pipes.


bunker1   bunker2

Insulated pipe containing LNG often are be placed in a vented, insulated channel. Due to its construction, the LR Marine Dual Wall Insulated Bunker pipe satisfy all Class and Gas Code requirements and eliminates the need for a separate vented insulated channel. Furthermore , the LR marine LNG Bunker pipe allows for mandatory venting and gas detection, in addition to flushing the outher pipe cavity with cold nitrogen prior to bunkering. This will ensure that the inner pipe is at cryogenic temperature when LNG bunkering operations commence and minimize LNG evaporation.
The standard LR Marine single wall pipe system is type-approved by DNV, Lloyd’s Register and ABS for all applications on open deck and cargo holds. For applications where the pipework is situated inside vessels the inner pipe system must be double wall, and the outer high density polyethylene (HDPE) jacket must be covered by a stainless steel surface cladding in order to meet the SOLAS requirement that external surface should meet the IMO Resolution 653, low flame spread.
As part of its cryogenic pipework package for LNG-fuelled vessels, LR Marine is able to deliver
complete pre-insulated dual-wall pipe systems with bends and T-pieces, including double wall stainless steel inner pipe and Stainless Steel cladding material.  The dual-wall pipe systems from LR Marine comes as a 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” , 8” or 10” gas feed pipe.

LNT Subcooler

The unit will enable precooling of the bunker pipe system, No waste of expensive dry protection gas, Efficient gas detection, Quick LNG bunkering sequence and no release of hydrocarbon gases due to LNG Evaporation.

The system is made in corporation with lng victor





LR Marine all stainless steel pipe supports

LR marine all stainless Steel pipe supports are specifically designed for the LR Marine pre Insulated pipe systems.



Roxtec type RS fireseals

Roxtec fireseals for bulkhead penetrations. System tested at DMI in Denmark and approved by DNV & DMA for installation on board the Fjord Line vessels.