Emergency Showers

Insulated emergency shower/eye wash system

LR Marine is authorized distributor world wide of LOGSTOR Marine's products for the marine- and Industrial applications. We offer complete pre-insulated pipe systems and emergency shower systems.

Conditions at sea are tough and this is reflected in the materials and production methods chosen to fabricate the pre-insulated piping system. At LR Marine, we exclusively use corrosion-proof material for the outer jacket; thus the carrier pipe is well protected

In addition, our fittings, joints, etc. are encapsulated to achieve a 100% waterproof system on board. In practice this means that all the exposed areas of the pipe system are completely corrosion-proof.

Our maritime pre-insulated pipe products and emergency shower for new vessels and retrofitting of older vessels are the most attractive on the market today. LR Marine supplies "ready-to-install" pipe systems and emergency shower systems, which comply with the specific arrangement

The pre-insulated pipes and emergency shower system can be installed at sea during voyage to minimize valuable downtime.

LR Marine pipe systems and emergency shower system are certified by all the major classification societies.

1) 100% waterproof Insulationpipesystem
2) Maintenance free
3) Simple and fast installation
4) Low operating cost
      - One string system
      - No water heating
      - No recirculation
5) Frost protected to –40oC
6) Approved for use in hazardous areas