Product – and chemical carriers. (IMO II and IMO III)

Productcarrier 1In most cases these types of vessels have the ability to heat the cargo during transport/voyage.
Traditional heating methods is steam, hot water or thermal oil depending of the required temperature.

The pipes that are normally insulated on the cargo deck is:

  • Steam -, hot water – or thermal oil pipes
  • Deck steam system
  • Tank washing lines
  • Vapour return lines (Depending on the cargo)
  • HFO transfer lines

Productcarrier 2One of the key factors regarding insulation is actually the ability to reduce heat loss to an absolute minimum. This is becoming increasingly important taking the bunker prices and the new SOX regulations into consideration. By using LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipes the payback time is typically 6 – 12 months in reduced heat loss (fuel oil savings) only. On top of this you need to add the benefits of a maintenance free pipe system with a design lifetime of 30 years.