20 good reasons

... for choosing a pre-insulated pipe system and emergency shower system from LR Marine & LOGSTOR

Product benefits

1. Carrier pipe fully protected against external corrosion
2. 100% waterproof insulation system
3. Minimal thermal loss
4. Salt, chemical and UV resistant jacket material
5. Solid construction, high mechanical strength
6. Service temperature from -200°C to +315°C
7. Pipe supports on HDPE jacket surface

System benefits

8. Superior design - space saving
9. High environmental and personnel safety
10. Low maintenance costs
11. Long service life
12. Optimum insulation capacity throughout the service life
13. Substantial reduction of operating costs
14. Quick and efficient installation - minimal downtime
15. Manufactured by LOGSTOR, whose quality management is certified according to DS/ISO 9001
16. Complete product range with pipes, joints, elbows, etc.
17. Type approvals from all major classification societies
18. Regardless of the medium LR Marine offers individual solutions based on customer needs - including freeze protection and temperature maintenance

Emergency shower system benefits

19. One string system which requires no circulation of heated water
20. Built-in tracer pipe for a self-regulating Polymeric heating cable, which ensure a frost proof system at below freezing ambient temperatures.